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Historic 4th Avenue

Pedicabs available

San Xavier Mission

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A young couple gets a ride through downtown Tucson on a pedicab.

Pedicab Tours

Our human-powered pedicabs offer a unique and environmentally friendly tour experience. Our debonair pedicab drivers are knowledgeable and courteous students and human-rights missionaries dedicated to a life of humanitarian service. Our pedicabs are also available for hire for parties, gatherings, and many other fun events.

Half Day Tours

Mount Lemmon (4-5 hours)

Tohono O'odham westway (5-6 hours)

Kitt Peak Observatory

San Xavier Mission

The Sea Of Glass — Center For The Arts

The Sea Of Glass — Center For The Arts is an atmosphere of beauty and higher consciousness. The performance and event venue has been carefully designed to capture the spectrum of subtleties and fullness of sound and light that bring the most intimate and satisfying of experiences to the audience, while allowing the performers and artists to have close contact and higher connection with that same audience. The venue showcases talented local, national and international musicians, and is also available to rent for a variety of events such as weddings, parties, workshops, seminars and more.

The Sea Of Glass is also home to the nonprofit KVAN Visionary Radio Station (91.7 FM locally / kvan.fm worldwide).

Pilgrimages / Vision Quests / Workshops

New perspectives, presented through workshops, seminars, and retreats, fuse science and spirituality. This Pilgrimage/Vision Quest is available primarily for those persistent students, those researchers of truth who have a spirit-calling and who just might be a “destiny reservist.”

"Revelation unifies history, co-ordinates geology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, sociology and psychology. Spiritual experience is the real soul of man’s cosmos."

These “Supreme Spirit Steps” are an attempt to assist you with the opening of significant doors in your life that will bring you into full-time spiritual service, to “break the chains,” either in your mind or otherwise, that you have been unable to escape. We invite you to join other provocative pilgrims from around the world as they participate in:

Ascension Science Workshops—Daily
• New paradigm thinking and Fifth Epochal Revelation
• Atomic particles and the mind-walk of interdependent relationships
• Micro-macro fields of view

Living Spiritual Forces Workshops—Daily
• The functions of unseen beings that assist you in your specific destiny
• How do you tap into these functions?
• What is the key to divine security on a troubled planet?

Universal Divine Pattern Seminars—A Weekend
• Ascension and universe origins
• How does an event that happened more than 200,000 years ago impact your life today?
• Can one individual life really make a difference?

Workshops, seminars, and retreats can be taken individually or as a series. Call for pricing and further information. All Pilgrimages/Vision Quests are conducted in and around Avalon EcoVillage.

Cosmic Vision
A Visionary Hologram of Rainbow Thought.


Kaleidoscopes offer you a space to create a personalized Spirit Step amid the Creator's grandeur. In this reunion of spirit, mind, and matter, you share more of your metaphysical, spiritual, or personal life with teacher guides and together seek the passage of your destiny. Let us design a 'tour de force' that caters to your individual or group desires. Kaleidoscope tours are customized based upon your specific interests. Call to explore the possibilities of such an adventure or to inquire about our Japanese Gardens and DeGrazia Art Tours.

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